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Software system solutions TDS Software is a product built by the thought to build the ever growing problem of e-TDS returns a fixation of the history. The motive we have released this software is on the way to make TDS returns correct and mistake free. We have taken special care to see that the Alteration returns are not discarded and the software is well-matched for future changes that we be expecting in the TDS returns. TDS SUITE is whole TDS software from side to side which employer can simply file the periodical regular and correction returns thus avoiding notices from the Income-tax Section for incorrect returns as well as also can produce digitally signed TDS certificates of workers /vendors.

The software offers the status of the TDS return for every district and a variety of other attribute which makes the software extra easier and sharp. This is an result of your troubles which you face while filing your TDS return. Fulfillment on TDS is now enlarged due to digitization of TDS return; Income-tax division is getting the full TDS details on a click of button. At the present it's time for the deductor to be more exact while filing the TDS return.

Key Features

  • Homework and Legalization of e TDS return file.
  • User can Produce Forms 24Q, 27EQ, 16, 16A, 16AA, 27A, 27B, 27D, ITR1 by giving Lone Input (with modification statement).
  • List of All India Bank Branches Codes Available.
  • Salary Computation attractive care of section VIA Deductions and Tax thereon.
  • Facility to calculate amount of Monthly TDS to be deducted.
  • Different reports viz. continuous Printing of Certificates, Deductee shrewd Payment (Summarized and Detailed).
  • Challans wise Details, Official document Issue Register, List of Customers not having PAN and address.
  • Date can be Imported/Exported from MS-Excel Files / Text File / FVU File.
  • Preparation for Lower tax deduction forms viz. 13, 15C, 15G, 15H, 15I, 15J.
  • List of all India TIN FC's.
  • Text file / FVU file viewer.
  • Online TAN & PAN verification.
  • Online e-Payment of tax Challans through software directly, no require to fill master information.
  • MIS Reports.

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